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Poiema Updates: Sept. - Nov. 2019

Dear Friend,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope many of you are enjoying today with close friends and family. During this time where many of us gather around a table with good food and company to celebrate what we are thankful for, I find the Poiema community has much to be grateful for over the last 3 months. As we have started this ministry year leaning into what it means to be missionary servants sent together into our weeks, we have seen seeds of God’s kingdom planted. Here are a few of the highlights over the last few months.

Poiema Retreat

After a Summer full of family vacations and travel, we took some time to reconnect our core leaders in Big Bear around fun, food, and fellowship! It was a wonderful time where we got to get away from the city and catch up on each other’s lives as our Go>> Communities often take extended breaks throughout the Summer.

City Groups

Every month we’ve gathered our communities together for an evening to celebrate what’s been happening in our lives and to remind ourselves that we’re a part of something bigger. They have also been times where we invite friends to join us in the celebration. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about these monthly celebrations is they’ve become points of intersections where the friendships we’ve been building in our lives throughout the week meet everyone else’s in the community.

At our most recent celebration, I had the pleasure of observing a conversation between an unbelieving soccer mom (invited by one of our core leaders) and a single young adult (invited by another core leader). The young adult was sharing about his faith and experience with Church not knowing the woman’s background! These conversations and connections are possible because of the intersection that happens in our City Group celebrations and we’re grateful to host them!

As our celebrations have gained momentum we’ve seen many new faces wondering who we are and what we’re about. Please pray with us as we continue to deepen these friendships and invite them not only to our City Group celebrations but also into our communities.

Go>> Communities & DNA’s

Our GC’s continue to be sustained by our DNA times. DNA’s are times of discipleship where groups of 3-4 men or women. Our times in study and prayer together always end with us asking one another where we are being called to obedience. The theme of courageous obedience has been an important one this season as we are all learning to live missionally within the rhythms of everyday life. One invaluable step of obedience has been with our hospitality.

We’ve already seen the fruits of this as many have been learning how their gifting of hospitality can be used for God’s Kingdom. Both of our communities this year were challenged to open up their homes to the neighborhood on Halloween. We blessed neighbors with more than candy. Our communities set up hot drink stations and set up photo booths for them as well. It was all part of a conscious decision to get out into our front yards and meet our neighbors rather than hiding in our homes waiting for the doorbell to ring. Many of us had opportunities because of this to have conversations and make connections with neighbors we had never met before. As these relationships continue to build invitations to dinners, Go>> Communities and City Group celebrations are already being extended!

What’s Next?

The upcoming month of December is full of opportunities to serve and bless our neighborhoods and city. We have multiple opportunities to work with partners in the city on different projects. While the month will be busy we pray we would be good ambassadors to God’s kingdom as we work hand-in-hand with those who might not know Him.

Faith, Hope, Love,


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